Metavol Capture

Capture videos of people and objects in 4D using our Volumetric Video Capturing System.

Volumetric content is ideal for use in game engines like Unity/Unreal and in AR Environments.

It can also be projected onto holographic displays as an assistive screen for engineers or even end-users. 

Capture scene using Volumetric Cameras

A series of volumetric cameras are positioned around the scene in a circle to capture images and depth data.

Preprocess Data

The data is processed into a format for display on the editing machine.

Mesh Render

The scene is rendered on a mesh for editors to fix and clean up the image in blind spots and reflective surfaces. 

Video Format

The video is converted into common interchange formats for use in video games or by other content creators.

Volumetric Cameras

Volumetric cameras capture both colour information and depth information.

A series of these cameras positioned around a person is able to create a detailed view of the appearance and shape of each person. 

Depth Information

Even areas that are not properly lit can be captured by volumetric cameras. These subtle details are required in order for the system to create realistic looking scenes.

Use Cases

Perform with your favourite musician

Allow fans to perform virtually with their favourite musician from the comfort of their own home with the artist projected into the scene using AR.

Change a film's angle during post-production

Record the film from all angles and dynamically adjust the angle and direction during post-production.

Have a realistic metaverse avatar

Make your metaverse avatar more realistic by capturing a volumetric image of yourself.

Attend virtual events

Take part in events virtually and be able to view the exhibitor or exhibits from any angle.

Create customized training videos

Create training videos using a real person as the skeletal frame and performing different training actions.

Record precious moments

Record precious moments in 3D that would otherwise be difficult to capture with a moving camera. Play it back from any angle.

Holographic Displays

A great way to view your volumetric captures as a hologram

Lens Free Experience

No need for pesky 3D glasses or telescopic goggles. Our holographic displays work with just your naked eyes. You will be tempted to reach into the display and touch the virtual objects.

Multiple Participants

Can be enjoyed by multiple people at the same time in the same room, since it works with just your plain eyes. No more lining up or sharing a single pair of glasses.

Multiple Angles

Viewers do not need to stand in a specific spot to enjoy the experience. In fact, to fully experience the content they would need to walk around to view it from multiple angles. Each angle offers a difference experience.  

Available in multiple form-factors