Display Matters 

Elevate your content by choosing the right display.

Wall Sized

Whether you need a large display because your exhibition room is big or you have a lot of content to display, we have you covered.


These tall touch-sensitive machines encourage users to interact with them.


Play videos on a see-through display to attract the attention of your visitors. 


Play videos on a holographic display that works in stereo-vision. 

Wall Sized LED Displays

Suitable for areas with a large audience and lots of open space.

Display content that can be viewed from far away.

Divide the screen into sections and display different content on different parts of the screen. This allows viewers to focus on what they think is important.

LED screens consume less electricity and are good for the environment.

Interactive Displays

Can be used in interactive mode for users to tap and select content or in non-interactive mode to display rotating banners or videos.

Ideal for high traffic locations to display event information or advertising.

Can also display up-to-date information from the Internet such as flight schedules or financial rates.

Can be controlled remotely over the Internet.

Transparent Displays

These displays give the illusion of transparency and make your videos float in mid-air by rotating the LED blades at high speeds.

Ideal for showcasing your content without blocking the view of something behind the screen.

Also works great in giving the illusion of a floating object to appear as the centerpiece of an art installation.

Holographic Display

Visualize real 4D content (3D plus motion) in stereo-vision without needing special glasses or goggles.

These holograms can be viewed from many angles and by many participants simultaneously.