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Take advantage of our Volumetric Capture Service to capture your 4D video or avatar today.

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Remote Site Package

Environment survey

We will arrange the capture and lighting equipment but we will need an environment with stable electricity and enough buffer space to set up our tripods and/or trusses (depending on your needs).

A covered/protected environment free from the natural elements (sun, wind, rain) is needed for the equipment to function. 

1 extra day for preparations

We suggest leading with an extra full day to allow machine setup (cameras, lighting and scaffolding), calibration and rundown tests with the person(s).

The rundown test ensures that the person's makeup and attire do not affect the camera's ability to record due to too much reflection or too much translucency.

1 hour of footage

We can record 1 hour of non-continuous footage throughout the day, split into independent clips. 

Due to the large size of the volumetric capture data, this limitation ensures the safety of your data and allows the machine to operate optimally.

The equipment, position and location should remain stationary throughout the shoot since any relocation would require a lengthy recalibration.

Output Time

Renders will take a full business day and will depend on your desired output format.

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