Jewellery Management Information System

A Hong Kong-based ready-to-use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner) for jewellery retailers and manufacturers to keep track of raw materials, BOM, manufacturing progress, sales, returns, accounting and more.

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Why do you need an ERP?

It is no longer enough to rely on Excel and Quickbooks to manage a business. Especially in the jewellery industry where raw materials are expensive and retail prices are unpredictable.

An easy-to-use ERP allows jewellery costs to be clearer starting from the design phase, to manufacturing, to retail.

Verification and Authentication

Are your jewels overpriced or underpriced?

Do they contain exactly the labeled amount of precious materials?

Are you compliant with export documentation requirements when listing BOMs?

The only way to know is to maintain careful bookkeeping and the best method is with a jewellery-focused ERP.

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Our ERP Features


Takes care of:

  • Product Design
  • BOM
  • Material Statement (Export Compliance)
  • Production Schedule
  • B2B Material Balance
  • Factory Resources
  • Repair & Assembly Orders
  • WIP
  • Process Subcontracting
  • Label Printing
  • Lots Inquiry
  • Lot Material Cost Updates
  • etc.


Takes care of:

  • Inventory
  • Lot Transfers/Adjustments
  • Salesperson/Customer management
  • Quotations
  • POs
  • Invoice and Returns
  • Consignment
  • Sales vs Targets
  • Best Selling Reports
  • etc.


Takes care of:

  • Near-time Material Market Prices
  • Bank Account Balance
  • Chart of Accounts
  • GL Journal Entry
  • GL T-Account
  • Financial Report
  • Profit Report
  • Account Payable
  • etc.

An ERP is useful every step of the way:


Designers mark what materials and processes are needed to create a piece of jewellery in the ERP.


Planners decide where and when to buy the materials and which supplier to use and mark it in the ERP.


Manufacturers mark and track the progress in the ERP from start to finish.


Sales staff determine the value of the jewellery from the ERP and determine the selling terms and generate the certifications.

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